Roof Top Tent Option

The most common assumption I receive on the trailers is its just big enough to sleep in.  And at first glance that makes sense, the cabin is only 9 feet long.  But once you unfold this Swiss Army Knife on wheels you realize the true utility of these campers.  With a 80″X 56″ sleeping area and a border line professional kitchen, they pack a punch.


We have truly enjoyed the ideas customers come to us with.  From mounting motorcycles on the tongue to hot water showers it seems like the customization is nearly endless.  And as our customer base grows we want to grow with it.  Most recently we’ve added a roof top tent option.  Now a 9’x 5′ cabin can sleep 4 people and still fits in a standard garage!!  Paired with off road and off grid capabilities you are ready for adventure!


The tent manufacture we chose to use is the Horizon Vision built by James Baroud USA.  This tent is the top of line tent on the market.  I had seen this tent at outdoor events in the past and was very impressed.  Once we actually got our hands on one and tested it out we were ecstatic.  Set up and pack up takes about a minute and is built with the highest quality canvas.  My favorite part is the non existent rainfly which makes this unit the most simple but also the most well engineered option.  It also has the lowest packed profile creating less drag on the tow vehicle and easy parking in your garage.


If you are looking to get the whole family or adventure crew out into the wild with a small foot print this set up rocks.  Shoot us a email or give us a ring at 720-515-2762.  Have another custom option you’d like to see? Let us know, we love tailoring to peoples ideas!

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Ok, one more picture because we just love this thing!


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