I stumbled across this short edit a few days ago.  It reminded me about the time I spent traveling the Western US living in my camper named “The Betty”.  I traveled alone during my trip, spending the winter in Breckenridge, CO skiing as many days as possible.  Once the winter was over I spent the next 6 months exploring mountain bike parks across the Rockies and beyond.  I truly enjoyed the solitude that comes with exploring alone.


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Looking back on the trip, I always wondered what it would’ve been like traveling with another person.  And the conclusion I’ve arrived at is…. It would have been a totally different trip, not in a bad way, not in a good way, just a different way.   Anyways, watch the video below,  I think it rings true for many of us.

I S O L A T I O N… A short film about a character who abandons societies predictability in a bid to uncover the secrets buried within the mysterious and dramatic landscape of the Scottish Highlands.


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Directed by : Mathieu Bernat & David Guersan
Sound : Arthaud Versaveaud
Starring : Jamie Farquarshon

Music :
«Night Sky» – Tracey Chattaway
«A Three-Legged Workhorse» – This Will Destroy You

Shot in the Scottish Highlands.

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