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Recently Into The Wild Expedition was asked to list the Sportsmobile on a new and upcoming website called  This site offers rentals from tiny homes to a fully restored airstream.  Their business concept sits well outside the box of your typical “1-800-Cruise-America” RV rental.  I’m looking forward to working with this unique community site!  Swing by and check out our listing!

    Sportsmobile rental

A little about the owners

Two cousins tired of rising house prices ditch their corporate life to live out of an airstream and start Trailermade, a peer to peer trailer rental company empowering others to rent their trailers out to make extra money and become part of the new mobile community. 

Trailermade brings you adventure by renting an RV, Travel Trailer, Camper Van, or Destination Spot through community. You can stay in a stay(ionary) location, play tow/drive to the destination of your choice, or Park-It, park on a campsite, land, or driveway.”

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