Escaping Mud Season in Moab

With mud season in full affect in Breckenridge we decided to wrangle some of the locals and take a spring break trip to Moab.  By the time we headed out we were almost 30 deep with fellow adventurers.  Moab has such an amazing variety of activities. We were packed to the gills with bikes, boats, climbing gear, sky diving rigs, seasoned hiking boots, and a few racks of PBR.

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We made camp just outside of Moab on BLM land.  It had easy access from the road and plenty of room for the whole gang.  This would be our base camp for the undetertimend future.

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Each night around the campfire, plans were made for the next day.  Breaking off into groups, boating, biking, climbing, and Sportsmobiling (not sure if that’s a word…yet) were the standard.  Once that tough decision was made, everyone geared up and took off.

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One of the days I headed out with the mountain bike crew.  We decided to shuttle half of the “Whole Enchilada” trail.  The van hauled the people, while the second truck hauled all the bikes, leaving another vehicle at the bottom as the shuttle.  The trail was about 25 miles long supplying some amazing vistas!  We took our time down, totaling about 5 hours of trail time.  For many of us this was the first ride of the season.  Needless to say we were spent by then end of the day.

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While we mountain biked, others headed out in search of their own adventure.  When everyone returned to the camp that night we all shared stories of our day.  Some went rafting, some went climbing, it was a full day for everyone.

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Another adventure I wanted to check off the list was exploring Moab with the Sportsmobile.  Up until this weekend the van had been rented and I had yet to do a true van weekend myself!

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We headed down to the visitor center to pick up some trail info.  The guy at the desk was more than helpful.  We told him what vehicle we were driving and that we were looking for a good day trip.  He made some suggestions and we headed out.

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We picked “Chicken Corners” from his list of suggestions.  Only a few miles out of town, it was rated as a “moderate” trail with a trip time of 3 hours.   

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The van handled great on the trail!! I was surprised by its agility, easily navigating tight corners and sandy river bottoms.  Even the other trail goers were surprised to see such a large rig maneuvering the same trail as their lifted jeep or UTV.  Lots of thumbs ups and even a few people waved us down to see what this thing was all about.

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We were one of the only vehicles to make it to the end of the trail.  Once we arrived we set up camp, grilled some burgers and cracked a cold one.  The shade of the awning was also handy in the Moab heat.  We spent an hour or so relaxing and taking in the views.  After a quick breakdown of camp, we headed back to the home base.

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