The Van is Stocked and Ready to Rock!


Before the first renter hit the road to southwest Colorado last week I made a stop at one of my favorite stores, REI!  I had a fairly long list of items to stock the van with.  I’ll be honest, it was more of  the “kid in a candy store” than actually shopping for the business.   With everything from plastic wine glasses to a solar shower, the van is now turn key and ready for renters.

The van will come stocked with all your cooking and kitchen ware, french press, maps and guide books, folding chairs, linens, a 3 person tent and sleeping bags for extra guests.  I also picked up some dry goods, such as coffee, creamer, spices, and cooking oil. I’m sure there will be items to be added but with my year long excursion in my RV, you’ll be more than covered!


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